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It’s an experience that most of us never expected and one that hopefully none of us will experience again in our life time but Coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives.

As a professional dog walker, before the virus we spent our weeks working outside and enjoying the great outdoors. We got to enjoy everything that the Kent Countryside has to offer from the Bluebells, local wildlife, open fields and we got paid to do this but suddenly we were told that we should stop working and staying at home was the safest way to get through the pandemic, so we temporarily shut down the business and stayed at home. What a strange experience that was.

We missed spending our days with our fur babies. We tried to keep busy with our daily walk outside, we enjoyed day-time TV (something we’ve not done in a very long time) and caught up on jobs around the house that we’ve put off for so long. The house has never looked so tidy! Ha Ha

Rare trips to the supermarket were alien to all of us with the new rules and keeping 2 meter distances from others was a new experience. And it goes without saying, not seeing our friends and family has been heart breaking.

But slowly you adapt and you learn to live in the new world that is in the middle of a pandemic. As time went on we started to receive amazing pictures and videos from our wonderful clients of all the dogs that we have missed dearly. The dogs may not be ours, but boy do we still miss them when we don’t see them.

And what about the dogs themselves, what do you think they think about all this? Having their owners at home 24/7, getting extra walks and all that attention – I bet they loved it. We will be looking at Separation Anxiety in dogs in another post.

Thankfully we are over the peak of the virus, or at least we hope so (we are no experts) and we have been able to reopen our little business and it’s AMAZING to be back. We’ve missed all the dogs and their families and we’re glad to be enjoying the countryside once again.

Anyway, the message is still the same, as life returns to some kind of normality, keep safe, keep your distance and wash those hands!!

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