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Why muzzle a dog?

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It's quite often a misconception that when you see a dog wearing a muzzle that it must be an aggressive animal. We walk several dogs ourselves that wear a muzzle but it doesn't always mean that the dog is aggressive, there are many reasons that he or she could be wearing one. We take a look at several of those reasons why a muzzle might be used: Aggression is, of course, one reason to use one. Dogs can become aggressive to other dogs and humans. The most sensible and responsible option is to fit a muzzle if there is a slight feeling that they could turn aggressive. If the dog is prone to aggressive behaviour seeking professional help is a good idea. Sometimes the dog can become agitated and nervous and their natural reaction is retreat and protect themselves which could result in aggressive tendancies. Involving the services of a professional dog trainer would be a good idea to allow the dog to work through the reasons for their behaviour problems and hopefully resolve them.Dog owners many need to muzzle a dog if they have recently undergone an operation or maybe you're using a treatment like flea drops. It's the easiest way to stop them licking themselves and causing illness or infection. Another reason for a muzzle, and one that is quite common, is to stop them eating things whilst out walking. The amount of dogs that will try eating old food, berries they shouldn't or, dare I say it,...

A stressful dog?

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Now that many of us are working from home or maybe you're still Furlonged, our dogs are enjoying having us at home much more which is wonderful. Most dogs will love this idea with all the extra cuddles, walks and attention but for some dogs, this can prove stressful too with the additional noise and less space and the lack of sofa to themselves. If you can, try to give your dog a little bit of space. Maybe take a walk to the park or the local shop alone to give them time by themselves. Dogs love routine! If you can, while at home, try to plan a routine such as set times for walks, feeding, alone time and so on. Plan regular times to have play time whether that's indoors with treat games or throwing a ball in the garden. Dogs are just like us - they don't like change so think about what works for you and your...

2020 – What a year so far!

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This is how we started 2020, full of life and excitement for the year ahead but like all of us, 2020 has so far proved to be a very different year. Temporarily closing down to Covid-19 was an incredibly hard decision to make, however it was absolutely the right decision to protect all our families and yours. Thankfully your support has been amazing and we're delighted to be back up and running again. 2020, so far, has been full of highs and lows. The lows are for obvious reasons with the virus but today we are focusing on the amazing highs... Firstly, we celebrated three wonderful years in business in March. Over that time we've looked after and met some amazing people and their fur babies. We've loved every minute, even the days of rain and mud, well, sort of! We've learnt so much and continue to do so, and welcome any ideas you might have on how to improve or take our business forward. 2020 also was a big year for me, Kirsty, as I welcomed my baby daughter to the world and, maybe the dog walking team, one day! Mya was born in the second week of lockdown, during a world wide pandemic. It was a scary time but we made it through and we are very much enjoying time off with her. I hope to be back working in a few months. In the meantime, Annie is being an absolute star, holding the fort...