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Why muzzle a dog?

Dog walking
It's quite often a misconception that when you see a dog wearing a muzzle that it must be an aggressive animal. We walk several dogs ourselves that wear a muzzle but it doesn't always mean that the dog is aggressive, there are many reasons that he or she could be wearing one. We take a look at several of those reasons why a muzzle might be used: Aggression is, of course, one reason to use one. Dogs can become aggressive to other dogs and humans. The most sensible and responsible option is to fit a muzzle if there is a slight feeling that they could turn aggressive. If the dog is prone to aggressive behaviour seeking professional help is a good idea. Sometimes the dog can become agitated and nervous and their natural reaction is retreat and protect themselves which could result in aggressive tendancies. Involving the services of a professional dog trainer would be a good idea to allow the dog to work through the reasons for their behaviour problems and hopefully resolve them.Dog owners many need to muzzle a dog if they have recently undergone an operation or maybe you're using a treatment like flea drops. It's the easiest way to stop them licking themselves and causing illness or infection. Another reason for a muzzle, and one that is quite common, is to stop them eating things whilst out walking. The amount of dogs that will try eating old food, berries they shouldn't or, dare I say it,...